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FŐZDEFESZT - First Hungarian Craft Beer Festival

I7-19 June 2022

at Grand Meadow, Városliget, Budapest



17 june 2022 14.00 - 02.00

18 June 2022 12.00 - 02.00

19 June 2022 12.00 - 00.00



Ticket + glass  -  Early Bird, Price: HUF 3.190 (limited number of tickets) Regular price: HUF 3.490,-

Ticket without glass - Early Bird Price:  HUF 2.190 (limited number of tickets)  Regular price: HUF 2.490,-

(Buy a Ticket without glass if you are bringing your old Főzdefeszt logo glass!)


Online tickets will be swapped for wristband ticket (or ticket + glass) at the venue. All tickets are valid for all 3 days! (There are no day tickets)

You can buy tickets online or at the venue at the HelloPay points near the Entrances.



Tasting/consumption of beer is only allowed with a wristband ticket AND a glass bearing the Főzdefeszt logo!

Visitors who don’t want to drink beer can visit for free!


Festivalcard + Touch credit card

(The use of cash is forbidden.)


You can buy your ticket at the venue by either cash or card at the ticket booths, but you can only buy beer or food at the stalls using credit cards or the  pre-paid  HelloPay Festival card.

You can purchase and top up your HelloPay card at the ticket booths (HelloPay top up points)  at the venue.

The deposit for the HelloPay card is HUF 500 and the top up charge is 2% if you use a bank card. You can return your HelloPay card when you leave and get back the remaining balance and the card deposit.

At the stalls, you can see the amount of your purchase on the terminal and you can add your tip manually. You pay by touching your HelloPay - or other contactless bank card - to the terminal.

You don’t need a HelloPay card if you have a contactless (NFC) bank card!



This June we will have a nice new crystal beerglass again: this time you will be able to sample beer from   Stöltzle glasses! 

Something new for our old fans and friends: you can also use Főzdefeszt logo glasses from earlier editions of Főzdefeszt (check out the reduced tickets for those who bring  their own  glass with Főzdefeszt logo!)  


- You can use your glass you buy with the ticket all 3 days. If you don’t want to bring the glass home, you can return  it to us for a HUF 500,- refund. 

- Attention! If you handed back your glass for a refund, and you come back later to drink beer, you will need to buy another  glass for HUF 1.200,-  So only return your glass if you are not coming back, or you would like us to take care of washing it.)
- You can wash your glass during Főzdefeszt at the “Rinse Stations”



Fully equipped and clean container toilets with basins ahandtowels nd wait for the visitors on the festival. Having no entrance fee, the toilettes are brought to you and kept in order by the owner of he toilets, for which you have to pay HUF 200.



Dogs allowed. Use leash and for bigger dogs muzzle as well!

Please clean up after your pet in all cases. Thank you!



You can bring your bicycle to the festival area, but please don’t ride it! We take no responsibility for your bike so you will have to take care of it yourself!


By entering the premises of the festival you agree with the rights of Főzdefeszt to make recordings on the scene and use these recordings for promotional use unconditionally.


Please take care of your surroundings, be nice to nature and use the toilettes!




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